Corrosion protection

The optimum corrosion protection measure

Surfaces on a component often have to carry out a variety of functions. Surfaces with decorative features or surfaces with high technical requirements require more and more know-how in terms of corrosion protection. This depends on the right choice of corrosion protection agents and on ensuring compatibility in terms of the production process.

Corrosion protection agents

We have a range of suitable corrosion protection products for various applications relating to corrosion protection treatment. The choice of product usually depends on the requirements or use of the components.Therefore the choice of corrosion protection product is generally made by relevant steps in the production process.
We would therefore ask you to send us your requirements so that you get the best possible solution for what you need in terms of corrosion protection. We have many years of experience and would be happy to help you! If you would like specific product information, please contact us.

Aqueous corrosion protection

With various aqueous corrosion protection products

nicht wässriger Korrosionsschutz

With non-aqueous corrosion protection products

VCI corrosion protection

Wirtschaftlicher Korrosionsschutz auf Basis von VCI

Corrosion protective packaging

VCI-based corrosion protection

Corrosion protection, other applications

We offer corrosion protection agents based on synthetic hydrocarbons

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