Corrosion protective packaging

With VCI packaging materials, VCI corrosion protection inhibitors that evaporate easily are integrated into special packaging materials. These VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) substances evaporate and are quickly adsorbed from metal surfaces. The VCI ingredients therefore allow the conservation of packaged metal components, even areas or surfaces that are extremely difficult to access. For internal transport or transport within Germany or overseas these products are suitable for their application requirements.

Für den innerbetrieblichen Transport oder den Transport in Deutschland oder nach Übersee sind diese Korrosions­schutz­verpackungen nach ihren Anwendungs­vorschriften geeignet.

Protection depending on the product

Depending on the product the protection lasts for one to two years. The corrosion protection packaging is used for storing clean metal components intact or to bring them safely to their destination.

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