Machinery lubrication

Our success is based on a modern range of high performance oils.


High-performance gear oils for long-term use meet the latest requirements of the automobile industry in accordance with the standards: SAE, API and manufacturers’ approvals. The automatic gear oil ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) has been specially developed for automatic gears. It requires very carefully matched additives, a high viscosity index and a pour point below -40°C.



Our hydraulic oils are of a high quality and designed for extended replacement intervals.


The PAO-based hydraulic oils are ash-free and biodegradable. The use of biodegradable oils prevents non-degradable substances from accumulating in the environment.

Apart from the duration of the degradation, we factor in many other environmental considerations. Our biodegradable oils are environmentally friendly and offer you many benefits.

All the PAO-based hydraulic oils we offer are certified as biodegradable in accordance with CEC-L33-A-93 (for heavy water-soluble oils).


A. Compared to ester-based hydraulic fluids

  1. Miscibility and compatibility with hydraulic oils on a mineral oil base such as a mixture of mineral oils
  2. No hydrolysis instability in the presence of water
  3. No need for water filters in the hydraulic system to avoid the smallest amounts of water as there is no hydrolysis instability
  4. Not harmful to elastomers / tubes unlike various esters
  5. No special elastomers for tubes / seals needed
  6. Longer lifespan due to higher stability and reduced operational risks for the same outlay in terms of care and maintenance

B. Compared to mineral-based hydraulic oils

  1. Extended lifespan of the hydraulic oil fluid to a factor of 2-3 compared to mineral oil
  2. Reduction of costs per hour of operation due to lower maintenance and servicing requirements and increased operating reliability despite increased oil costs per litre
  3. Coverage of three viscosity classes for HLP hydraulic oil with a syntofluid PE hydraulic oil
  4. Better low and high temperature capability than mineral oil, i.e. wider operating temperature range makes environmentally-related oil changes largely unnecessary
  5. Better cold-start performance, particularly in winter temperatures


Our products are already used in construction, agriculture and forestry, in waste, landfill, piste and rail vehicles, as well as in locks and sewage and weir systems.


By means of specially-designed additive technology, high-performance hydraulic fluids make it possible to combine - in one product - biodegradability with the need for the hydraulic oil to deliver a high level of technical performance.

Good low and high temperature performance coupled with excellent aging stability mean that the product is very suitable for use as a long-term hydraulic fluid. A good corrosion inhibitor, minimal foaming tendency, effectiveness in separating water and air and a high degree of sealing compatibility are the marks of high quality.

Please contact us. We would be pleased to speak to you regarding your requirements.

Gear Oils

We provide high-quality non-synthetic and synthetic industrial gear oils for lubricating gears, worm gear units and high-load bearings. Developed to meet various requirements such as high load-bearing capacities, intermittent highly variable loads, very good aging resistance and good viscosity and temperature performance.


Particularly suitable for use in thermally high stress units, in compliance with machine and operating instructions.

Compressor oils

High-quality non-synthetic and synthetic lubricants for lubricating air compressors, particularly in difficult operating conditions. These special oils have the following properties: a high degree of aging resistance and improved corrosion protection and wear protection, as well as a high degree of emulsion stability combined with good water separability.


The products are also suitable for lubricating thermally high stressed sliding and rolling bearings in circulation lubrication systems. We offer special monograde compressor oils for use in screw and vane compressors with injection cooling for compressing the air.



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