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Arbeitskreis Automatisierung

This working group is an association of various companies from the field of industrial automation technology.

The goals are:

  • Professional collaboration on topics relating to the automation of industrial production processes
  • Joint handling of customer projects as temporary joint ventures

The working group was set up in November 2009 and meets regularly at various locations in Niedersachsen.


IFAS – Institut für fluidtechnische Anwendungen und Steuerungen

(Institute for fluid power drives and controls)

In collaboration with Fördervereinigung Fluidtechnik e.V., IFAS is holding an open lecture during term time. Representatives from industry and research will be reporting on interesting new developments. The lectures can be found on the web site under “Open lecture”.


AC²T - Österreichische Kompetenzzentrum für Tribologie

(The Austrian Centre of Competence for Tribology)

The research centre for interdisciplinary services in the area of tribology covers more than 30 different research projects involving numerous partners from the world of business and science.


RIO - RIO GmbH – Services for industry

RIO GmbH is a modern centre for providing industry with services and expertise. A partner in quality assurance, production and development.

  • Surface technology
  • Materials technology
  • Process technology


BGHM - Berufsgenossen­schaft Holz und Metall

(The German Wood and Metal Association)

BGHM handles questions on occupational safety in the wood and metal industry.