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The focus is on the process.

When choosing suitable lubricants and chemicals (corrosion inhibitors and cleaning agents), we prepare our recommendation for you according to the requirements that result from your demands of the production process. This integrated approach, the management, addresses the various stages in which process media are used to ensure that a consistent and smooth operation is in place. The purpose of process optimisation is to reduce costs and to safeguard and, if necessary, improve process reliability.




Process reliability is particularly important with regard to the use of fluid working media in robot-assisted automation, and is one of the most important requirements. We will be pleased to advise and support you in this area.

We provide special lubricants and speciality products for the most complex requirements.

We offer cooling lubricants, metal-working fluids, lubricants for use at high and low temperatures or for use in the food industry as well as environmentally friendly biodegradable lubricants.

De-icers, special cleaning agents and oils for the automotive industry complement the range of products we have to offer.

Careful listening, Consultation, Successful action.

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